DESIGNOLOGY, The Lifestyle Design Company, is a national brand, established 2010 as an umbrella company to serve as a platform to practice three aspects of Lifestyle Design.

Owner, Adrian Galvan, and his creative team, all share a strong passion in three areas: Health & Wellness, Giving Back, and Interior Design.

At Designology, we believe by focusing on your HEALTH, HEART, and HOME you can design your ideal lifestyle.

Lifestyle design


Creating spaces & working with business to promote and support a healthy and active lifestyle,  though the utilization of USANA Health & Wellness Products.


Memorable Events & Creative Services designed for individuals and companies promoting awareness and fundraising for  passionate causes.  


Interior Design Services & Products, specializing in personalized  Commercial & Residential Projects with a focus on construction based design, and project execution.

“By intentionally designing the three biggest aspects that shape our daily lives, our HEALTH, HEART, and HOME -we have the ability to design our lifestyle, one we dream of and aspire to live.”
Adrian Galvan
Lifestyle Designer