“By intentionally designing the three biggest aspects that shape our daily lives, our HEALTH, HEART, and HOME -we have the ability to design our lifestyle, one we dream of and aspire to live.”
Adrian Galvan
Lifestyle Designer


DESIGNOLOGY, The Lifestyle Design Company, is a national brand, established 2010 as an umbrella company to serve as a platform to practice three aspects of Lifestyle Design.

Owner, Adrian Galvan, and his creative team, all share a strong passion in three areas: Health & Wellness, Giving Back, and Interior Design.

Adrian believes Interior Design begins inside dynamic people, not in static spaces. Leveraging his Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree with his Interior Design degree, Adrian’s gift is bridging individual client visions with reality. His is a collaborative approach which ties in the ‘whole’ client lifestyle with the space and project at hand  


At Designology, we believe by focusing on your HEALTH, HEART, and HOME you can design your ideal lifestyle.

Lifestyle design


Creating spaces & working with business to promote and support a healthy and active lifestyle,  though the utilization of USANA Health & Wellness Products.


Memorable Events & Creative Services designed for individuals and companies promoting awareness and fundraising for  passionate causes.  


Interior Design Services & Products, specializing in personalized  Commercial & Residential Projects with a focus on construction based design, and project execution.